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As our immediate community, we are proud to provide Amarillo residents and patients from surrounding areas with healthcare services personalized just for them. Our practice is founded on the belief that the health of each individual directly contributes to the overall level of well-being of the society they belong to. By taking an active dedication to the health of our patients, we honor that belief, doing our very best to serve our immediate community.

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Family Medicine

Taking care of your family is at the forefront of our mission. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical services possible in the Amarillo area. Our team encourages a preventative care routine so that it is easier for our patients to avoid future ailments that can arise. However, not all sickness and disease can be avoided, and for that, we are proud to offer cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment of illnesses such as the flu, strep throat, colds, and other infections. We are also extremely well-versed in chronic health conditions like diabetes and hypertension and can assist in the management of these afflictions.
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Physical Exams

A full assessment of your physical health might be needed to join specific organizations or take on certain occupational roles. In a lot of cases, sports clubs will require a complete physical exam from each player before allowing them to participate. The Federal Aviation Administration prohibits aspiring pilots from flying completely solo or acting as the pilot-in-command on aircraft if they do not attain an FAA Medical Certificate that shows they are physically capable. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles mandates what is called a DOT physical for commercial drivers operating machinery of 10,000 pounds or more.

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Vaccinations & Immunizations

From one year of age to the oldest members of our community, we provide vaccination and immunization services that prioritize the health and safety of our patients. Preventive care is at the core of our approach, aiming to keep you in optimal health. Routine vaccinations are key to disease prevention which is a collective community effort, especially during flu season. By taking an active role in your individual well-being, you can easily contribute to the overall health and welfare of your respective societies. Staying up-to-date with vaccinations is a simple yet effective way to positively impact your health.

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