Physical Exams

Physicals for DOT, Sports, & School

Man receiving a physical exam
There are physical requirements individuals must meet in order to partake in some sports programs, join certain organizations, or start specific careers. North Heights Medical Clinic can conduct thorough examinations of your overall level of fitness and health to provide you with an accurate assessment of your capabilities.
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Complete Physical Exams

Anyone can get a physical, but there are times when sports and schools will require your children to get them. We provide comprehensive physical examinations during which we will review the patient’s medical history and immunization records, as well as take their vitals, examine each part of the body, and run numerous screening tests.
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DOT Physicals

The Department of Transportation requires certain employees to undergo a DOT physical during which, a healthcare professional will assess the vision, hearing, blood pressure, and overall physical well-being of the patient. The examination also goes over specific health conditions that could potentially impact a driver’s capacity to execute their duties in a safe manner.
Trucker stepping into his truck, looking back smiling

Get A Detailed Evaluation of Your Health

Learn More About Yourself

There are many reasons to get a physical exam, but the most significant is to monitor your health. Physicals provide a thorough look at any threats to your well-being that might be manifesting.

It’s possible to effectively manage or completely stop diseases and illnesses if you catch them early enough. Trust us to keep you safeguarded and healthy!

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